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T h e  W r i t e r

Alex Mackyol, born in Duluth, MN, and raised in Watertown, WI, is a graduate of AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, CA, with his Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Music. Alex first found his way into music behind the piano, and behind the skins of a drumset. Alex quickly, however, began to explore the world of vocal music and the universe and magic of Musical Theater. It was here where Alex found his true passion. Upon entering high school, Alex made a clear path to the stage, performing in every show produced on the stage over the next four years, cullminating with his senior year, as he directed, choreographed, produced, and played the leading role of 'Tony' in Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story.

One of Alex's first compositions was a commissioned work by Sparling Theatricals, called "Celebrate the Season," produced in 2006. Within this production, Alex was given the opportunity to bring his cantata "The Living Nativity" into a musical production, featuring music of most every genre and style. Currently, Alex is working on several musical productions, mostly with his writing and creative partner Bobby Traversa. 

Among Alex's other work, he has composed and published several solo pieces, including "Waiting For Tomorrow," "Hire Me Please!," and "My Ruby." In addition to original compositions, Alex is also a seasoned musical arranger, having arranged for "Remembering The Carpenters," "Clowntown," "A Tribute To Broadway," among others. 


"This Is Home" has been a work in progress for nearly six years, given its first reading in the fall of 2008 at 'The Complex' in Hollywood, CA. Since, the production has seen many new faces and many changes. Alex is currently planning on a full concept album of the musical, with studio work beginning in January 2016, and a new staged reading in the spring of 2016. 

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